Sunday, May 27, 2018

Somehow Not Dead

I ain't done yet, bitches! I've got the first draft done and once I get notes and edit all the not funny parts out (roughly 12 pages worth), you got a new post coming your way!

For the people who've waited patiently, I appreciate it. Truly. I got more stuff to say, so don't count me out yet! I'm not going to promise it this week, because the last time I said that I was told my store was going out of business, but I'd be shocked if it wasn't in that time frame.

And after that's done I can discuss those keys I bought if anyone wants to know. Remember when I made a big to-do about how I wanted a key from each team?

I'm a sick fuck.


  1. (To the tune of "The Cheat Is Not Dead":)
    Samurai's not deeeeaaaaaad!
    I'm so glad Samurai's not dead!

  2. Awesome news! Hopefully this means the employment situation is resolved as well...