Monday, March 5, 2018

Ranger Key Update 3.6!


Nah, fuck that. There'll be a new post next week. Is it done yet? No. Is it even plausibly ready for human consumption yet? Nope-a-rooski. Is it still going to be out by next week? Oh fucking absolutely.

Why? Because you sweethearts have waited for me. You haven't burned me in effigy for my massive absence, and every comment left from some beautiful person wondering if I'm still alive has really put things into perspective. It's been a long few months, and things are going real topsy-turvy for me. But that ain't stopped me before! I don't blame anyone for being bummed out that it's taken me so long to get my ass back to posting. If the wait has been too long, I understand. Though I sincerely hope you do stick around!

I love doing the blog, I love making people laugh, I love re-reading posts and cringing at my atrocious syntax and grammatical skills. You've all been part of this for so long, it'd be ridiculous if I didn't at least finish Mighty Morphin'.

Not because I feel like I have to, but because we've sat through this goddamn show together. We've endured every single second of Zordon abusing teenagers, Tommy grinning like a dumbass sheepdog, Trini fading out of existence while nobody notices, and Bulk debasing himself in any manner humanly possible. If I was just pissing these blog entries into the ether I'd feel a little bummed, but I have people who relate to this dumbass show.

So no matter what the future holds now, we're at the very least finishing up with Season 3. It continues next week my friends. Get ready! Get hyped!

Unless you wanted me to follow up with another post about my key collection, in which case you may have to wait a little bit longer.