Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Where the Fuck Have I Been?

Not writing. Okay, we'll see ya later.

I've slowly grown to hate Monday evenings. When I look at the clock and realize I'm nowhere near done talking about the episode of Power Rangers where some space warlock invites a bunch of plastic monsters to celebrate Armageddon. Then I realize I'm going to have to pull up my britches and come on here to explain to you lovely readers how incompetent I am at scheduling the important things in my life around writing. Things like family, work, and plastic keys that resemble Japanese superheroes.

But I genuinely do have stuff I've been focusing on other than the blog, and I just wanted to at least elaborate so maybe folks understood where I was coming from. At the risk of boring you with a whole bunch of tl;dr about my tedious life, I figure I'll describe what's got me too busy to watch VR Troopers or whoever.

Two weeks ago, I heard some less than positive news about the company I work for. Now I'm certainly not in danger of losing my job at this time, but it still presented me with a serious quandary about my career. I spent most of my time during that period worrying about job-related shit, and pondering how I could segue writing about Lord Zedd's perennial cuckoldry into a full-time position.

Inexplicably, that prospect didn't leave me with much hope.

Well, at least there's other ways I can make money!

The current week also left me with some work-related strife. My boss had a week-long meeting to attend, and put me in charge of the store during his absence. While I'm sure my writing portrays me as a genuinely confident, successful, and talented individual, I hesitate to inform you that may not be entirely true. I'm nervous as all hell about being in charge this week! No matter what happens, it's on me at the end of the day. Success or failure will be determined by my actions, and that's not an easy role to jump into.

Man, maybe he should have written dick jokes about Master Vile this week. I got hosed.

I kept intending on making some kind of post about what was going on, but I felt like a real dickhead coming back to you good people for yet another week to explain why I didn't have something to present to you. I always want to have something to make the week a little better for people, but it feels like real trash when I know I don't have anything. Not even some goofy post about those keys I'm sinking money into.

Three teams left to buy for, motherfuckers!

But I can't bullshit you good people and act like I'm some glorious savant who's spending his days off teaching karate to moms or riding dirt bikes for charity. I've been spending time playing old games and dicking around with friends. Time I could have been spending writing stuff for everyone. I don't expect any of you to come out of the woodwork and join in on a pity party for me because I've been busy. If people are annoyed by my poor time management, then I'm perfectly willing to let them air their grievances with me. I've had some legitimate things concerning me and taking up my time, but there are days I could have worked harder to get something enjoyable to everyone.

There are some days I let mental health bullshit overwhelm me and sit around in bed. I'm working to better myself and not let those days get in the way of providing content for everyone. You deserve better than that, and I'm going to keep doing my best to entertain everyone.

I'm seriously sorry Season 3 has been so wrought with breaks. I'm definitely working to mitigate those issues and I promise I'll work hard to get Master Vile and the Metallic Armor Part 3 out to you next week. If I can't, then I promise I'll at least give everyone a rousing update on how many toy keys I'm swimming in. Because I am a filthy addict who gets off on demonstrating his collection to everyone.

If you can understand this blithering rambling about having to be a big boy and work a whole 40 hours, then I'm truly grateful. If not, then I can definitely accept that too. I entered into an unspoken contract by posting weekly material, and I understand that breaking that can be bothersome. But I know that comes from a place of enjoying the blog, and I don't begrudge anyone for being frustrated with my upload slowdown. But if you can understand where I'm coming from and are willing to give me some time to get on my feet, I seriously appreciate it.

I'm seriously grateful to have some of the most genuinely kind, intelligent, and funny readers I could ask for. And that's why I want to come here and be honest about why the posts aren't happening. If it wasn't for you wonderful goofs, I'd have already given up and called it quits. But I ain't done yet!

And for real, this upcoming episode has two of my all-time favorite moments in the entire franchise. How can I give that one a half-assed write-up? No thanks!


  1. You've been writing about Power Rangers for over 2 years now. I'm surprised you've kept going this long. If you said you needed to take a month off I'd understand.

  2. I followed a writer from blog to blog to blog (I feel like he must be notoriously bad to work with) because I really enjoyed his stuff. One day he didn't update as normal, and eh, shit happens.

    The next week, he hadn't returned, and I thought, well, that's odd. Then the column reappeared, before 3 months of nothing.

    One day, on a completely different blog, the author, with whom I'd never interacted, responded positively to one of my comments. I responded, "Holy shit, is that really you? What happened to the column."

    "Yep, it's me. The column has been at [this other website] for the past months.

    TL;DR Don't worry about us; handle your business. My hope is you come back soon, but I, personally, have a backlog of other stuff (including the aforementioned column archives) to get to, and appreciate all your work thus far :)

  3. Hey man, don't worry about writing these posts. Friends, family and mental health are all a far higher priority than updating a blog. I really do get s kick out of reading your episode reviews, but you don't owe us anything - just write them if and when you have the time or desire. I look forward to the next one, it always gives me a chuckle!

  4. Take all the time you need; real life comes first. Your reviews are some of the funniest I have ever read and always worth the wait.

  5. Hey, we were all in agreement that you could take one week off. Now get back to posting dammit!

  6. No episode commentaries for the foreseeable future, fine.

    No pictures of so many Gokaiger keys, well now I'm pissed.

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