Saturday, January 28, 2017


Hey sweethearts. Your old buddy here has had a pretty rough time of it health-wise this week. The midwest got hit by a pretty rough bout of norovirus that had me either shivering under the covers or vomiting up the water I was sipping. I'm feeling a bit better now, but time passed me by while I was trying to write. I really contemplated finishing "Ninja Quest Part 4" in a pretty meh condition, but I was not far enough along to make it work.

Not only that, but I refused to make such a meh effort on this episode. Not a chance. Why? Well that has to do with its quality, but I'll get into that when I post it next Sunday. I deeply apologize for my off week. I hope that you'll understand and still love me all the same. Or a little less so I can make up for it when I make a really killer joke about Tommy being a dumbass.


  1. Get well soon Tommy will always be a cunt flap 😂