Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Episode/Monster Guide Update

While I don't have a whole lot to say here, I've been a busy bee working on two things for you good folks. One is just a really big convenience for you kiddos and one is something I thought would be fun!

Found here is the episode guide where you can access any of the ramblings I've made about Season 1. I also included Seasons 2 and 3 which I'll try and keep current too.

In addition, I've concocted a guide to one of my favorite things about this show, the monsters. I probably repeat a lot of the stuff I said in my reviews in there, but I did make sure to try and get some extra jokes in for anybody wanting to check it out. If nothing else I went out of my way to get some nice sceenshots, so go in and check those out!

As you might have already noticed you don't even need to follow the links I've left, both of these are now on the top bar above the scrolling gifs. I think this will be fun little additions for you folks to tide you over until next week when I get into Season 2. What happens then? A bunch of who gives a shit probably. I'm sure Rita has a big stupid scary plan and nothing interesting happens.

.....Who the fuck is that guy?


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