Tuesday, July 28, 2015

August Break Announcement/Best Of Season 1 Images

So we're finally at the end of Season 1 and now we can move onto Season 2 right? Nope! I'm going on a brief episode review hiatus for the month of August. I had meant to mention that last week but I must have been taken by the Oysterizer's endless sexiness. So this week's kind of a bust in terms of new content. Don't worry though! I have plenty of little trinkets to tide you crazy kids over in August, so stay tuned!

But for today, I've been writing about Power Rangers for more than a year and I'm gonna take a week to try and gain my bearings. In the meantime, let me tide you fine people over with some of my personal favorite gifs and images from the season. Take it easy this week and I'll catch up with ya in August with a little more Season 1 content.

Alright see ya next week.

Just foolin'. Thanks for reading so far guys!


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