Sunday, June 18, 2017

Next Post-Next Week-Next Time, Baby

Woof, what a week. Two birthdays, father's day, and more time at work? Guess who hasn't even thought about those Powerful Rangers this week? I don't even have a cute image of a traffic cab monster to share with you good folks to tease the upcoming episode.

If it makes you sweetheart readers feel any better, I've definitely been working on writing a particular side project I'm keeping quiet about for now. Keep your fingers crossed I don't end up detesting it and deleting it in the interim. I know it isn't much help for this week, but hey! At least I'm working on coming up with something entertaining for all y'all. First time for everything, right?

Sorry in advance if you were banking on me discussing this episode tomorrow, but I never want to put out a piece of shit post that took me two hours to run through. I have to get as thorough and nerdy as possible, and I plan on maintaining that aesthetic for as long as I keep updating this thing.

If you'd like something to enjoy in the meanwhile, you oughta check out my pal Big Bob Pataki's podcast, "Reel Deal: No Sex Appeal." They talk the big movies that I'm not going to watch, because they don't have rubber-suit brick walls in them. Wonder Woman? More like, wonder why there's no monsters in this shit. Get out of my face, Godot.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

MMPR Season 3 Episode 21: Changing of the Zords Part 3

Squatt Wears A Sombrero
Giant Ninja Man Shakes Bird Boys

Monday, June 5, 2017

MMPR Season 3 Episode 20: Changing of the Zords Part 2

Monster Reminds Audience That it Has Teeth For 20 Minutes
Zordon Cashes in on Ranger Life Insurance Policy

Monday, May 29, 2017

MMPR Season 3 Episode 19: Changing of the Zords Part 1

Baboo Makes Joke, Nobody Laughs
Ancient Ninja Master Threatened With Becoming Milkshake

Monday, May 22, 2017

MMPR Season 3 Episode 18: A Ranger Catastrophe Part 2

Telekinetic Teen Teleports Talking Tiger-Sword
Holographic Witch Provides Dating Tips

Friday, May 19, 2017

Goosebumps Retrospective Announcement!

Sorry to people who don't follow me on Twitter or the thread on Rangercrew, but I took this week off of posting duties due to a new addition to my family. I got to meet a little baby niece and I've had my hands a bit full with her, so I didn't quite have enough time to watch an Australian woman growl like a cat for 20 minutes.

It was my loss to be sure.

However, my old pal Big Bob Pataki of "Terrible Blog for Terrible People" has a bit of 90's nostalgia prepped and ready for you sweetheart readers. He's just started writing a series of observations regarding the Goosebumps TV series from 199whatever.

In case you were hoping to see something that I've written, don't you worry! I acted as the editor for the following post, and if you've come to enjoy the quality of posts that I make around here..I'm sorry your standards have been lowered so far. Check it out, and make sure to tell him what episodes you're looking forward to reading about!

Haunted Mask Part 1

Monday, May 8, 2017

MMPR Season 3 Episode 17: A Ranger Catastrophe Part 1

Skeletal Space Demon Placed Under Citizen's Arrest
Haunted Cat Used to Deduce Teenagers' Schedule